Our Ministry

Trans-Cultural School: Training Missionary Candidates

This area of ALM is an intensive cross-cultural missionary training for Latin American Bible school students to learn how to turn classroom knowledge into practical ministry for indigenous peoples with basic levels of education. After studies in a cross-cultural training, church planting and other important topics, the students minister as a mobile team in needy indigenous areas under the supervision of experienced field workers.

In the last phase of trans-cultural School, the students live in indigenous villages where they minister individually or as a small team. What was once a missionary field has now become a missionary Force!

Mobile Bible Schools: Equipping Indigenous Congregations.

Village life in Oaxaca is demanding. For many indigenous leaders it is difficult to leave for extended periods of time because they are tending crops and have many responsibilities.

Arm of the Lord Ministry has seen this need and created the Mobile Bible School to bring training to the people in the village. The goal is to make disciples by teaching the Word of God on a level that the people can comprehend while staying in their environment. This helps them put into practice the teachings of Christ within the context of the culture.

The Mobile Bible Schools use methods and materials from sources that have proven successful in tribal indigenous settings. This ensures that the indigenous congregations will be autonomous, self sustaining and multiplying toward other unreached areas.

The Mobile Bible School identifies and focuses on training local leaders to reach their own people and culture. This makes for strong church movements.

Indigenous Pastors Conference:

Arm of the Lord Ministry has found a way to collectively bless indigenous pastors and their families and establish fellowship through a Pastors Conference. These precious men and women of God’s Kingdom in unreached areas are refreshed with ministry to their hearts as well as new tapes, books, and Bible teaching tools needed to spread the Word of God to their villages.